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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Must Visit in London - Relaxing Studio London


Relaxing Studio London is dedicated to inspiring and supporting busy professional men with expert services, innovative sports clothing and advanced cosmetic products.

At Relaxing Studio you will get expert services to busy, discerning men who want to take care of themselves and feel their best. Let RSL help you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and restored with deep tissue massage and shiatsu therapies, and achieve the look you want with work, rest or play, with professional male grooming, including facials, Tannin, sugaring and a selection of Cosmetic treatments.

Tha Spa has been completely refurbished and renovated. The furniture (Chest of draws, lamps, tables..) is all Original Art Deco pieces from 20's and 30's - carefully selected and bought at Antique fairs in London and in France. That gives a unique luxury appearance to the place - a very personal touch for men who wants to feel and look good and also likes to be surrounded by beauty and art. 

Studio is opened Saturdays and Sundays till 22:00 - the only place in central London that does that. 
Based in Fitzrovia and Rathbone Street, the same street that Wall Paper Magazine head office is based who are also members of RSL. Studio has among clients many TV stars, celebrities, important personalities from tennis world and male celebrities searching for very well known massage treatments of Mr Marcos and various treatments by RSL Team.

Allow us to introduce you to a Team which will rejuvenate your body & soul

Marcos Matos Figueiredo - The Owner & Founder of one of the best relaxing studios in London

At Relaxing Studio London you will get the excellence and high quality of the therapies. Relaxing Studio London is specialized in being a male Spa-Spa for Men with only male Therapist.
Marcos the Owner  Frederik the destist & Dierk , pilates instructor

RSL has it's own products that you can buy in online shop

Anand Raman GP & Anti Ageing Specialist

Dierk Hannemann - Personal Trainer & Pilates Instructor

Fredrik Andersson - Cosmetic Dental Specialist

Beautiful smile is priceless. Don't deny yourself having it

Fredrik and nurses who will give you the Hollywood smile 

Living in modern age exposes us to daily stress.
Allow your body and soul find retreat in Relaxing Studio London. 

Relaxing Studio London
Fitzrovia, W1T London, United Kingdom
 Mon - Fri:09:30-22:00Sat - Sun:12:00-20:00 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bentley Executive Interior Concept

Equipped with WiFi, LED screens, slide-away keyboard and full Apple equipment it will 
make you feel you are inside your luxurious mobile office. 

Bentley's engineers in England have thought about everything for their executive customers 
and made sure nothing is missing. 

Custom made Tibaldi pen gave the final touch in this amazing Bentley creation! 

Додајте натпис

Apple equipment & LED screens for high tech experience

Tibaldi custom made pen

Monday, December 26, 2011

Rolex 2011 Collection

There's not much new to say. Year by year Rolex is just proving that it deserves to be one of the most prestigious luxury watches brand.

Designs are sophisticated & elegant targeting younger people (and those who feel young).
Enjoy the photos, words are insufficient to describe..

Yachtmaster II

Rolex Yachtmaster II 2011

DateJust Special Edition 2011

Rolex DateJust

Rolex Daytona 2011


Rolex Lady DateJust 2011
Lady DateJust

Rolex Explorer II 2012
Source  Official Rolex Website

Friday, December 23, 2011

Engagement rings LE suggests

It's a rock many women wear for the rest of their lives - a reason enough to think well before you buy it.
Size does matter in this case, but more than size it is about selecting the right cut & color for your love, showing her that you know her personality.

Asking her or allowing to chose is a great way to buy one as well, but let's not forget the romance ... seeing her surprised and happy face , eyes reflecting the shine of a diamond is one of the moments you will remember forever. Take her to few jewelry shop, buy her nice piece and while doing that see what kind of rings she prefers - that way you will not risk giving her ring that she will dislike but carry for life, and on the other side you will keep romance..

Rose-like romantic ring  - very unique design for very special person

Pear cut double lined - Suggested for bigger rocks , min 2k size 

Tiffany & Co amazing color ring

3 rocks and many smaller stones will sparkle on her hand

Classical combination of wedding rings for serious and classical girl

Pearl surrounded by diamonds for a romantic soul

Good old classics - Solitaire ring is never a mistake, looks good in any size

Cartier Trinity ring - Classics but in these colors for fashionable , classy and  girl who is not afraid to be different 

Tiffany & Co engagement and wedding ring - Princess diamond 

Cartier ring - for girl who knows how to wear big stone

Harry Winston unique piece for unique girl - Simply amazing

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bedrooms with "heaven" view

Some say that your first thoughts after you wake up & your last thoughts before you go to sleep will determine your mood or even life. Whether you will believe this or not, there are some locations that only by looking at their beauty make us produce hormones of happiness. Many luxurious hotels worldwide will offer rooms with spectacular view, and some really lucky people get to wake up every morning with that great sight.

Here is Luxury Luxury Experiences's selection . Enjoy ...

Sydney Australia

French Polynesia


Los Angeles


View from private yacht - Location : Anywhere the owner wants


Aquarium room

Bangkok Mandarin Oriental


Istanbul Turkey

Marseille France

New York