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Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Science Of Flirting

"It begins and ends with eye contact, because if she realizes you haven’t focused on her eyes for even two consecutive seconds, the game is over before it ever really begins."

  • Eye contact is a powerful means of flirting.
  • Body language has been proved to have more of an impact than verbal communication.
  • Flirting is so exciting because neither of you know what it will lead to.

  • Flirting can be one of the more pleasant and exciting aspects of life. It can be a heady experience that causes the heart to beat faster, and the result of a blush and downcast eyes is oddly but undeniably satisfying. The idea that flirtation has become the sole province of females is erroneous; the mere act of tossing someone a significant glance can be considered flirting and, for that reason alone, men play an equal role in the drama.
    But this is a dance that requires carefully placed and well-timed steps, and it’s long past time to dispose of your tricks, techniques and pickup lines. Let us turn to science and the ongoing study of social interaction to guide our dance steps. You may be surprised at the amount of knowledge you don’t yet have on the science of flirting.

    It all begins with eye contact

    Actually, it begins and ends with eye contact, because if she realises you haven’t focused on her eyes for even two consecutive seconds, she'll lose attention before you even say a word. As the Social Issues Research Centre put it: “Your eyes are probably your most important flirting tool… they are also extremely high-powered transmitters of vital social signals.” Eye contact is extraordinarily powerful, so it’s important to walk the line between intensity and subtlety, which is why we usually restrict direct eye contact to only a second or two. This all falls in line with The Player’s very simple method of making more eye contact when listening and averting your gaze a bit more when speaking.

    Keep communication honest and balanced
    While it remains true that men and women are often at odds in regard to communication, it’s still possible to strike up an engaging, entertaining discussion without posturing. Both sexes can be guilty of bending the truth and altering their behaviour, and posturing and untruths (unintentional, though they may be) are often prevalent in a first conversation. This is a bad idea. For example, a man who orients his actions and speech toward seduction, which is nothing more than an invented personality. The same goes for girls who say “I love you” just so they can hear men say the same words. Obviously, the key is to avoid the mind games, keep it simple and, as the article states, “Let the authentic reward come to you.”

    Never underestimate body language

    The numbers have been confirmed time and time again. The science of flirting is a popular subject among researchers and love seekers alike, and in terms of importance, body language always seems to top the list. The BBC’s comprehensive look at love and flirting has revealed that 55% of all given and received messages come from body language. Only 7% is in the words we say. As you can see, the advice involved in the column is to accept this, embrace it and, in some cases, “match their moves.” In other words, come to recognise the concept of “mirroring.” It shows reciprocated interest and places both parties on equal footing, which is something that is of great interest to the ladies. But above all else, just ditch the pickup lines and other verbal techniques, because that 7% ain’t gonna help much. Paul Newman, a man among men, was a “student of human moves” in The Color of Money. You should be too.

    Saturday, January 7, 2012

    Kivotos Mykonos

    A foremost Boutique Hotel of Mykonos and groundbreaking 5 Star Hotel in Ornos, Mykonos, in its own right, the Kivotos Hotel graciously awaits and welcomes you to stay of exqiusite elegance, unsurpassed in Mykonos Luxury Hotels.

    Just as the Aegean Sea subtly changes color, from moment to moment, in the Cycladic light, the Kivotos Hotel, with it's Mykonos villas, acknowledged as one of the best boutique hotels in Greece, proffers its guests a true enchantment of the senses. 

    Captivating Mykonos villas clustered together, cascade down the bay in this private beach hotel in Mykonos. The sense of escapism that is experiences in this Boutique Hotel is enhanced by Cycladic flat-roofed whitewashed buildings.


    Overlooking the bay of Ornos, offers the beauty of a serene landscape combined with the amenities of its location. This 5 star hotel is also situated within minutes of Mykonos town.

    Universally acknowledged as one of the best boutique hotels in Greece, this Mykonos property befits all that is extravagant and indulgent. Discrete, bespoke and personalized service is what makes a great hotel.


    The personalization has evolved from the size of this boutique hotel in Mykonos where dedication to service is one of the cornerstones of their philosophy. 



    Five star luxuries with the comforts of a magnificent Mykonos villa and a private beach meet your everyday expectation of an award-winning hotel.
    Enjoy a romanticsailing experience while cruising the Aegean Sea with the hotel's 25m privately owned motor vessel "Prince de Neufchatel"

    Friday, January 6, 2012

    Huvafen Fushi - Maldives

    If celebrity patrons are an indicator of a hotel's popularity, the Maldives super-lux Huvafen Fushi is about as hot as it gets. George Clooney popped in for lunch last month, Kate Moss partied in her Ocean Villa, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes booked in a massage during their honeymoon, when I left the island, Stefano Gabbana of Dolce & Gabbana and John Galliano were set to arrive (separately).

    Trendsetting Huvafen Fushi has been raising the benchmark since its first inception two years ago. Opening its doors to feature the world's first underwater spa, Huvafen Fushi has since earned its spot on the coveted Conde Nast Traveller MagazinesUK and US Hot List.

    This discreetly luxurious, contemporary retreat is located on its own lagoon on a tiny island in North Male Atoll. I arrived late into the night direct from Singapore, the flight doesn't get in until 10pm (note: book Emirates instead to arrive during the day).

    When I was escorted into my over-water bungalow, I felt like I'd walked into an Apple store/Armani showroom, with a bed in the middle surrounded by all my favorite gadgets. Surround sound Bose indoor/outdoor music system, Plasma TV screens, Bang & Olufsen phones, iPod Nano with an incredible selection of music that had already been installed, a separate massive bath which overlooks the ocean, my own private plunge pool, oversized king size bed, Frette linen, designer furniture (including pieces by Frank Gehry) electronic curtains, waterfall shower, the list goes on and on.

    Waking up in the Maldives is something everyone should experience before they die. The view from the bed in my room overlooked the plunge pool which overlooks the Ocean. It’s an incredible sight, serious postcard material.

    The day at Huvafen Fushi starts off with a buffet breakfast in Celcius, luxe-but-laid-back dining on a white sand floored deck branching out over the lagoon. Next it's off snorkeling where you'll see the most amazing colored coral and sea life including sting rays. It takes approximately 3 hours before you realize you have a tan, the sun is extremely bright and even with 30+ sunblock, you tan quite fast and you notice tan lines by the time you've finished breakfast.

    My day was busy, yet I did nothing. I snorkeled, I tanned, I read, I snorkeled again, I read more, I walked over to the over-water gym, and walked back out (are you kidding, who can face the gym on holidays) and before I knew it, the sun was already setting. So I headed to Umbar to order a cocktail and sit back in the seriously comfy lounge chairs and watch the sunset while the chill band played, very Cafe Del Mar. The music, the sunset, the people, the atmosphere - it's an amazing vibe. Dinner at Salt restaurant (barefoot) is a highlight. The food was fine dining at its best, as good as anything you'll find in the world's best restaurants.

    Famously, the highest point in the Maldives is only four meters above sea level, so perhaps its not surprising that the Huvafen spa is underwater, something totally exclusive to this resort. It's like entering a glamorous fishbowl where you are the main attraction to the fish. It's the perfect environment for a massage. I chose the Maldivian monsoon ritual massage and it defies description. All I can say is that I don't think I will ever be able to top the experience. Incredible is an understatement.

    When Huvafen Fushi first opened in 2005, Per Aquum Resorts, Spas & Residences, CEO, Tom McLoughlin, commented, "This is just the beginning. We will continue to refine the original Huvafen Fushi concept, while constantly pushing the boundaries in delivering the ultimate guest experience."

    Huvafen Fushi has certainly made this statement its driving force with more amazing concepts on the way.
    By KM

    La Duree

    Coming soon...

    Thursday, December 29, 2011

    Must Visit in London - Relaxing Studio London


    Relaxing Studio London is dedicated to inspiring and supporting busy professional men with expert services, innovative sports clothing and advanced cosmetic products.

    At Relaxing Studio you will get expert services to busy, discerning men who want to take care of themselves and feel their best. Let RSL help you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and restored with deep tissue massage and shiatsu therapies, and achieve the look you want with work, rest or play, with professional male grooming, including facials, Tannin, sugaring and a selection of Cosmetic treatments.

    Tha Spa has been completely refurbished and renovated. The furniture (Chest of draws, lamps, tables..) is all Original Art Deco pieces from 20's and 30's - carefully selected and bought at Antique fairs in London and in France. That gives a unique luxury appearance to the place - a very personal touch for men who wants to feel and look good and also likes to be surrounded by beauty and art. 

    Studio is opened Saturdays and Sundays till 22:00 - the only place in central London that does that. 
    Based in Fitzrovia and Rathbone Street, the same street that Wall Paper Magazine head office is based who are also members of RSL. Studio has among clients many TV stars, celebrities, important personalities from tennis world and male celebrities searching for very well known massage treatments of Mr Marcos and various treatments by RSL Team.

    Allow us to introduce you to a Team which will rejuvenate your body & soul

    Marcos Matos Figueiredo - The Owner & Founder of one of the best relaxing studios in London

    At Relaxing Studio London you will get the excellence and high quality of the therapies. Relaxing Studio London is specialized in being a male Spa-Spa for Men with only male Therapist.
    Marcos the Owner  Frederik the destist & Dierk , pilates instructor

    RSL has it's own products that you can buy in online shop

    Anand Raman GP & Anti Ageing Specialist

    Dierk Hannemann - Personal Trainer & Pilates Instructor

    Fredrik Andersson - Cosmetic Dental Specialist

    Beautiful smile is priceless. Don't deny yourself having it

    Fredrik and nurses who will give you the Hollywood smile 

    Living in modern age exposes us to daily stress.
    Allow your body and soul find retreat in Relaxing Studio London. 

    Relaxing Studio London
    Fitzrovia, W1T London, United Kingdom
     Mon - Fri:09:30-22:00Sat - Sun:12:00-20:00 

    Wednesday, December 28, 2011

    Bentley Executive Interior Concept

    Equipped with WiFi, LED screens, slide-away keyboard and full Apple equipment it will 
    make you feel you are inside your luxurious mobile office. 

    Bentley's engineers in England have thought about everything for their executive customers 
    and made sure nothing is missing. 

    Custom made Tibaldi pen gave the final touch in this amazing Bentley creation! 

    Додајте натпис

    Apple equipment & LED screens for high tech experience

    Tibaldi custom made pen

    Monday, December 26, 2011

    Rolex 2011 Collection

    There's not much new to say. Year by year Rolex is just proving that it deserves to be one of the most prestigious luxury watches brand.

    Designs are sophisticated & elegant targeting younger people (and those who feel young).
    Enjoy the photos, words are insufficient to describe..

    Yachtmaster II

    Rolex Yachtmaster II 2011

    DateJust Special Edition 2011

    Rolex DateJust

    Rolex Daytona 2011


    Rolex Lady DateJust 2011
    Lady DateJust

    Rolex Explorer II 2012
    Source  Official Rolex Website